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Trial Version For Initial Users

Trial Version for all systems from Evercrystal App Store can be used for 3 months for those who are initial users and only if system meets client's requirements, client may use our system fully by payment contract.

Well Documented

Supporting user guides for all systems is beneficial for clients who don't have an idea that how to manage system. Documentation is easily understandable for users.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is an advantage for all systems from Evercrystal App Store. As systems are responsive, system layouts are flexible even in mobile , apart from different types of computers.

Evercrystal App Store - The Most Comprehensive Apps Store in Myanmar

Recent Works

HRM is an essential web system for all kinds of enterprises which have several department in which there are so many employees.Useful modules are included for Human Resource Management.In addition, due to Payroll and staff management, time and energy can be saved.Then, works can be done easily in a short period.

Clients who apply Crystal HR system will be supported with user manual PDF for how to manage system well.

Payments will be charged after trial period if Crystal HR system will be procceded to use beyound the trail period.Currently offline payment by cash would be only available.

License keys , which are random characters, would be generated after completing payment for full package users. Those generated keys , which extend periods of using Crystal HR system will be valid according to payment terms. After payment is expired, clients have to pay for new license keys to extend next using period.

1st Step - Register

The very first step is to register to be a trail user. So don't miss this great chance for your business.

2nd Step - Trial Period

After registration is completed, trial version can be started to use for 3 months freely.

3rd Step - Full Package

if system meets your business requirements , full package can be purchased by monthly paid.

Our Clients

These clients are great partners who are using our Crystal HR systems.